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Classic Facial                               30 mins, $60

"Discovery" treatments for complete and through cleansing 
Cleanse, exfoliation, tone, moisturise  

Hydro-Classic Facial                    80 mins ,  $130 / Course of 10   $650

Dehydration lines are plumped up and skin gains in softness ans suppleness. 
Cleanse, scrubber, push point massage, mask, serum, tone, moisturize 

Vitamin Infusion Facial
90 mins,  $150 / Course of 10    $820 
The ideal treatment for fighting against pigmentation spots or simply 
for achieving a porcelain complexion. 
Cleanse, exfoliation, iontophoresis, massage, tone, moisturise
Brightening Facial                      75 mins,  $110 / Course of 10    $750
          This is our most advances facial treatment combining deep exfoliation with a                   prescribed enzyme or acid peel and an infusion of the institut DERined Clinical               Skin Care Brightening Serum and Mask. 
          Cleanse, exfoliation, c+peel, mask, targeted serum, tone, moisturise

Clarifying Infusion Facial            75 mins,  $110 / Course of 10    $750

Makes the T-zone matte and suppressing the bacteria that causes acne breat out for a confidently clear complexion. 
Cleanse, acid peel, iontophoresis, mask, tone, moisturise

Indulgence Package                  90 mins,  $175 / Course of 10    $1000
          hydro-classic facial and 30min back massage

Meridian deep tissue Facial       80mins,  $120 / Course of 10    $750

Cleanse, scrubber, massage, mask, serum, tone, moisturise


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