Cheremoi Beauty Clinic - Health & Beauty
Mini Treatment   

  ◇ Head and Scalp Massage                          15 mins , $ 30

This astounding acu-pressing, stretching and scalp massaging, is to get the harden knots out of your system and make you soft 'from the neck up'.

  ◇ Neck and Shoulder massage                         20 mins $38

  ◇ Nourishing Paraffin Mask (Hand or Feet)     15 mins , $ 30

Paraffin treatments are warm and the heat helps to increase blood supply to the treated area. Moisture is drawn from underlying skin layers and rises to the skin's surface where it is mixed with the product applied. The moisture cannot escape because paraffin causes vaccum sealer. The moisture is infused back into the skin and rejuvenates hydrates and nourishes the skin.

  ◇ Hand Massage                                              15 mins, $25

This Hand Massage is recommended for those who have dry or cool hands. Start off with Massage on those tired little fingers; top them with moisture Lotion.

  ◇ Foot Massage                                                15min , $ 40

This massage concentrates solely on the main pressure points of the foot. the pressure on acupoints stimulates mental functions, aids digestion and improves the complexion.

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